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Help build a solar tree for Bristol


Solar tree

After finishing the world’s first DIY solar tree last year in Brislington, local organisation Demand Energy Equality are planning an even bigger tree for the centre of Bristol. The plans are for the solar tree to go (if not actually grow) in Millennium Square as part of Bristol Green Capital 2015. Bristol Drugs Project are helping to build the tree itself, and the ‘leaves’ of the tree will be solar panels, made during a series of workshops which Bristolians can join over the next year. The solar panels will generate electricity which will be used to power music in the square and images on the screen. We can’t wait to see it!

What’s really exciting right now though is that that one of the first workshops to make panels for the tree will be at the solar and energy day we’re organising at Windmill Hill City Farm on 12 July 2014… just a few weeks away. So, if you want to find out how to make a solar panel, and would like to help to build the Bristol Solar Tree, come along to the farm between 12 and 4.

To find out more…

Solar and Energy Day:  solar day at the farm

Demand Energy Equality Solar Tree: info and video


Note: there will be a £1 donation to take part in the workshop, just to cover basic materials and transport costs.

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