Renewable Energy

We are working with the Bristol EC (Bristol Energy Co-op – to install Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on community buildings across Bristol including at least one scheme locally. These buildings users will benefit from free, locally generated clean electricity, installed and maintained by the Bristol EC for the lifetime of the system (25+ years). It’s part of a bigger plan to make Bristol’s energy greener.

Below are some short (5 – 10 min) videos explaining the different renewable energy technologies. There is more information on the Energy Saving Trust website, the Save and Generate website and the Plan LoCaL website. For information about a local enterprise working to reduce energy use and running workshops on DIY PV panels, look at Demand Energy Equality.

If you’re thinking about solar panels, have a look at these documents about going ahead with an installation, how the Feed in Tariff works and what to look out for with ‘free’ PV offers.

Upcoming Events – BEG Calendar

11/7/17 Dr Neil Williams and Katie Aartse-Tuyne: ‘Sustainable Transport and Behaviour Change’
18/7/17 Ed Romaine: ‘Energy Projects and the Planning System’
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From mid July we will be taking a break from the talks, during the Summer holidays. Please ensure to check back onto our page in early September to keep up to date with the next planned talks