MakeyourhomeEco workshops: Summer 2018

Over the summer Bedminster Energy Group are working with MakeyourhomeEco (MYHE), a practical, energy education initiative, to deliver a series of workshops which will allow participants to take control of their energy at home. The workshops are tailored to the participants. We’re not all the same so our solutions and projects may not be either. They will be hands on, interactive and practical and are designed to help you:

  • Demystify home energy
  • Save energy, carbon and money
  • Tailor your projects to your priorities, values and the home you’re in

The series has been designed as a set and it is recommended that participants attend as many as possible. However, it is also possible to attend single workshops if there is a specific subject you want to know more about. The content has been designed to be relevant to both home owners and tenants and there will be practical ideas for all.

Prior to attending the workshops you will be required to complete and bring along the following form.

Session 1: Map your values and priorities

This session will include understanding your bills, considering your heat and power needs and thinking about your home, your values and priorities.

You can also book a place as the subsequent sessions below:

Session 2: Your home – potential and opportunities, Tuesday 8 May, 7-9pm 

This will include how to make free and low cost savings and understand what you are consuming. The rights of tenants will also be covered.

Session 3: The Ins and Outs of Home Insulation, Tuesday 29 May, 7-9pm

This will be a hands on session with samples and materials. It will cover how insulation materials work and what they can achieve. We will also discuss draughts and heat loss.

Session 4: Household Renewables, Tuesday 12 June, 7-9pm

This session will cover renewable opportunities and how to match your heat and power needs and budget.

Session 5: Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and reports, Tuesday 26 June, 7-9pm

This session looks at what we can learn about EPCs, saving Carbon and estimating project paybacks. It will also cover any grants available to support your projects.

Session 6: Your home and your project – can where you live be an EcoHome?, Tuesday 10 July, 7-9pm

This will include how to plan and assess big projects and we’ll play a game to explore how small changes can help cut your carbon footprint. We will discuss smarter homes and how they can help.

The workshops are available free of charge but we will be collecting donations which will support further workshops, plus SolarAid.

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