Local Energy Assessment Fund

Bedminster Energy Group, with the Southville Community Development Association, put in an application in December for about £50,000 of funding to support our carbon reduction work. We’re waiting for a decision from DECC, the Department for Energy and Climate Change, who made a fund of £10 million available to support community groups nationally with projects running between January and March 2012. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

If we’re successful it we mean we can pay for detailed modelling of all of the housing across the whole of Bedminster and Southville so we can see exactly what the energy use and energy efficiency options are for this area. It will mean we can start to look at the cost of making physical improvements, help people find out about the financial support and incentives available to make changes, and see what the impact of being more energy efficient would be on their annual energy bills. We will run a series of events to explain energy saving options to people, pay for some Energy Performance Certificate reports for local householders, put on displays and exhibitions, run workshops on energy saving and green electricity / heat generation, and share all of what we do with local people and with the council.
Watch this space…
Upcoming Events – BEG Calendar

Nikki Jones climate change and energy series
1930-2130 at Tobacco Factory (The Snug)

9th October - What is climate change?
16th October - Global energy trends
23rd October - UK energy, emissions and targets
30th October - Is nuclear the answer?
13th November - Film showing: Food, Inc.
20th November - Land use and climate change
27th November - The way forward