Fantastic funding award

Our application for an award of £53,000 from the Department for Energy and Climate Change was successful! We are absolutely delighted that we’ll be able to use this to support our plans, and we’re keen to get started straight away to help reducing energy consumption.

010But what are we going to do with the money? To start with, we will be commissioning the Centre for Sustainable Energy (based in Bedminster) to complete an initial assessment of the 12,000 homes in Bedminster and Southville. This will mean cross referencing a huge amount of data, modelling information about our homes and our energy use and matching it with addresses.

Then we will carry out surveys to improve the accuracy of the modelling, and this will feed into a comprehensive report (which we will publish here) that explains exactly what the picture is locally and what the best options are for homes in our area for increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy bills.

Meanwhile, we’ll be running a series of events and activities that will help explain the different options for energy saving and choosing ‘green’ energy technologies at home, from draught proofing and boiler cladding through to solid wall insulation and solar panels. We will also give away free energy saving kits to local residents, carry out in depth energy surveys of two local community buildings, and pay for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for a number of homes in the area.

The funding has to be used by the end of the March and we are already making a start. Our first event is on Saturday. We’ll start the energy surveys as soon as possible too. The funding is a great opportunity to be able to pay for some help with these, so if you are looking for some work and would like to get involved, check out theLocal energy surveyors link on the left.

Simon Hankins, CEO at the Southville Community Development Association, the charity that operates the Southville Centre says “we are delighted to be supporting Bedminster Energy Group with this work. It’s great news for the group and for the area and we’re looking forward to seeing what can be achieved”.

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