Energy Saving


For free and impartial information and advice on all things to do with energy use at home check out the Centre for Sustainable Energy, (freephone 0800 082 2234) and the Energy Saving Trust.



Ideas from the 10:10 campaign on ways to reduce your carbon footprint:

There’s more ideas for your home in this Top Tips poster: tip_house_poster

And we love the posters and ideas from Do The Green Thing:


There are lots of local services which can help you to reduce your energy use at home and cut down on your energy bills, from servicing your boiler to putting in low cost draughtproofing or more expensive improvements like solid wall insulation.

FRESH CoLogoColorTextBelow100614 copysy Homes is run by one of our volunteers, which is why we’re featuring it here. Vincent offers a professional Painting/Decorating service that automatically includes small energy efficiency improvements. Part of the service is an energy efficiency assessment by a certified Domestic Energy Assessor providing you with a Government approved Advice Report enabling you to make even bigger money saving improvements.

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11/7/17 Dr Neil Williams and Katie Aartse-Tuyne: ‘Sustainable Transport and Behaviour Change’
18/7/17 Ed Romaine: ‘Energy Projects and the Planning System’
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