BEG Spring 2017 Newsletter

April 2017

Climate Change & Energy Talks 2017

The final in the series of the Climate Change & Energy Talks, hosted by Nikki Jones, was held on 21st March.  The talks were incredibly popular and showcased various topics ranging from carbon emissions, renewable energy, agriculture and industry, and the future for energy use.  The talks were interspersed with a series of very topical documentary films, including “Before the Flood” (2016) and “Racing Extinction” (2015).  Both the talks & films were fully booked most nights, with and many attendees took away valuable lessons on sustainability and how we can affect the future.


Post Talk Pledges

In total, 280 people attended the series; with 65 people signing up to the BEG mailing list, resulting in 11 active member.  On the final night, we asked attendees to consider their own habits and requested that they could make pledges to improve usage, either from themselves or by influencing others.  We have posted the pledges to the ‘Dear Tomorrow’ website, which can be viewed here.

The next series of talks will be with Mukti Mitchell, Director at Cosy Homes and author of ‘A Guide to Low Carbon Lifestyles’, who will be giving guidance on how to become more environmentally and energy aware.  The first talk “UK Eco Yacht Tour – How Eco Living Improves Your Life” will be held on Tuesday 11th April.

Upcoming Talks at the Tobacco Factory

Upcoming Talks at the Tobacco Factory

Tickets are free, and can be booked through Eventbrite.

Community Energy Advisors

The Bedminster Energy Group are looking for volunteers to help with Energy Awareness in the local area. Free training will be provided by the Centre for Sustainable Energy.  All we ask is that you spread the message about energy awareness, local energy initiatives and the BEG with local residents and businesses.  There is no need to attend regular meetings (but of course, you will be more than welcome to attend if you wish) and you can give as much or as little time as you can.

Training will be held at the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) Headquarters, and should last no more than 3-4 hours; the time and date will be confirmed when number of attendees has been confirmed. If you are interested in this exciting role, please contact us via the Contact Form on our website.

The Bristol Energy Co-Operative Zero West Campaign

The Bedminster Energy Group were invited to participate in discussion surrounding the ‘Zero West’ campaign, which aims to bring together ideas and information relating to the 20:20:20 carbon goals, and the projects which have been happening around the West of England (BANES, Bristol, NS & GL) to promote energy saving initiatives and renewable energy programmes.  At the first meeting, two members of the BEG were in attendance and the focus was on Public Engagement, discussing ideas and the issues surrounding public awareness campaigns and ensuring that the public could be fully engaged in the project.  The campaign is ongoing, and the Bedminster Energy Group would support and encourage any local ideas and stories to be shared with our group so we can promote it to the Bristol Energy Co-Operative.  If you would like to tell us about a community, group or individual project which has brought about carbon & energy savings, please let us know.  You can get in touch via our Contact Form.

BEG on the radio!

The very last of our series of Nikki Jones talks was attended by a Heart FM presenter, and featured on the Bristol Breakfast Ed, Troy and Paulina show, the following day (22nd April).  We were delighted to hear that our talks made a positive impact, and that the message could get out to everyone in the area.  Watch this space for BEG going global!!


Upcoming Events – BEG Calendar

Nikki Jones climate change and energy series
1930-2130 at Tobacco Factory (The Snug)

9th October - What is climate change?
16th October - Global energy trends
23rd October - UK energy, emissions and targets
30th October - Is nuclear the answer?
13th November - Film showing: Food, Inc.
20th November - Land use and climate change
27th November - The way forward