BEG member wins sustainability award

Katherine Piper has been named Sustainability Student of the Year 2018 by the University of the West of England. Whilst studying for a Masters in Sustainability Katherine has been instrumental in re-energising Bedminster Energy Group. When she first started volunteering with BEG in 2016 many of the members had moved out of the area and the group was in effect dormant. Katherine and another group member, Neil, successfully applied for £2000 from Bristol Community Energy Fund and Katherine took on the role of Tuesday Talks Facilitator whose purpose was 2 fold; 1) to raise awareness of sustainability, climate change, low-carbon lifestyles and energy efficiency within the local community and 2) to increase the number of active BEG volunteers so that we could take on more ambitious projects in the future.

She organised the use of the Tobacco Factory snug, free energy efficiency leaflets from The Centre for Sustainable Energy and found a range of interesting speakers. Since the first talk in November 2016, there have been 694 attendances, 144 people added to the mailing list and volunteer numbers have increased from 1 to 20! The speakers have included Nikki Jones (Energy Researcher/Writer), Prof Paul Hoggett (Climate Psychology Alliance), John Pontin OBE (The Converging World) as well as workshops by Mukti Mitchell (Managing Director at Mitchell & Dickinson) and Katie Aartse-Tung (Sustrans) and sustainability films such as ‘Demain’ and ‘Racing Extinction’.

Katherine is now focusing on delivering project work for BEG. We have a new team of group members organising events, which continue to run most Tuesdays in the Tobacco Factory snug. More details can be found on our Facebook events.

Katherine Piper sponsor2

Katherine with Alan Bailey from The Future Economy Group, who sponsor the Sustainability Student of the Year award.



Upcoming Events – BEG Calendar

Nikki Jones climate change and energy series
1930-2130 at Tobacco Factory (The Snug)

9th October - What is climate change?
16th October - Global energy trends
23rd October - UK energy, emissions and targets
30th October - Is nuclear the answer?
13th November - Film showing: Food, Inc.
20th November - Land use and climate change
27th November - The way forward