Bedminster Energy Group DIY Solar Workshop

Bedminster Energy Group DIY Solar Workshop

11th Feb 2012, 10am to 4pm – Bedminster Scout Hut

Workshop overview:

This is a hands-on workshop where you can learn the practical skills and technical know-how to be able to build your own solar PV panels.

The workshop will be run by Demand Energy Equality, a small social enterprise based in Bristol. 

It is part of a Bedminster Energy Group project funded by DECC under the Local Energy Assessment Fund. We are looking at ways to save energy and to use energy more thoughtfully, as a local community and as individuals.

Demand Energy Equality:

Demand Energy Equality has two objectives for running these workshops.

1.      To reduce the cost of solar panels and enable low income households to gain access to empowering solar PV technology as there is a growing divergence between those who can afford renewable power.

2.      To utilise the potential these technologies offer in reducing household energy demand. Energy demand reduction is possible when people have a greater understanding and relationship with these technologies.

By taking part in the workshop you will:

  • Understand the principles behind solar PV energy
  • Learn how to build your own solar panels
  • Learn how to connect panels to your home
  • Find out how to source recycled materials to make panels
  • Compare the cost of DIY panels with commercially available technology
  • Know more about managing your energy demand
  • Get the basics on how to run workshops yourself to share skills with other people if that’s something that interests you

Signing up:

Places on the workshop are limited and normally cost £200 per person, so please only sign up if you are absolutely certain you are able to come. Priority will be given to people who are local and are keen to share what they learn with others. To register for a place, click this link or visit the Bedminster Energy Group website. Anyone interested in seeing what it’s about can drop in for a half hour during the day just to observe without needing to sign up.

More information about Demand Energy Equality: and

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