About us

Bedminster Energy Group (BEG) is a sub-group of Sustainable BS3

For many years, Sustainable BS3 Projects has worked on local community and environmental schemes, from rescuing and caring for unused patches of land to supporting the annual Best of Bedminster show. As a sub group, BEG, started up about 4 years ago to encourage efficient energy use and green energy generation in the area.

We’re promoting things that local people can do in their homes to reduce their bills and keep the heat in during the winter (particularly through improved insulation and low cost home improvements) with a series of events and local activities. We also promote renewable energy schemes.

In 2012 we were awarded government funding under DECC’s Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF) which was a huge boost for our energy efficiency projects in the GBCP area and meant we were able to pay for some large pieces of work we couldn’t have carried out as volunteers. There’s more about what we did on the ‘news and events’ page or click here. And in 2013 we were awarded more funding to run more activities in BS3, linked to a Green Deal pilot, Bristol Home Energy Upgrade, which was offering grants for insulation and new boilers. This pdf is a summary of what we did: A Take Up Project

So we have been pretty lucky with funding so far, but almost all of what we do is on a voluntary basis. There are things like energy surveys, training, community events and energy-saving giveaways which we want to keep doing to help make homes in Bedminster and Southville greener and warmer.

Because we think it’s a great idea, we’ve been supporting Bristol Energy Co-op with their solar photovoltaic (PV) installations, including panels on community buildings across Bristol and more recently very ambitious solar farm projects, set up as a community-owned social enterprise funded primarily through several successful share offers. We’re part of Bristol Energy Network, bringing together community groups from around Bristol to pool resources and share ideas. And we have worked a little bit with the Centre for Sustainable Energy, a national charity (based in Bristol) offering free and impartial energy advice.

Upcoming Events – BEG Calendar

Nikki Jones climate change and energy series
1930-2130 at Tobacco Factory (The Snug)

9th October - What is climate change?
16th October - Global energy trends
23rd October - UK energy, emissions and targets
30th October - Is nuclear the answer?
13th November - Film showing: Food, Inc.
20th November - Land use and climate change
27th November - The way forward